Link your Posts and Pages for More Views

linking webpages like stones in the water to create traffic

A link is a bridge between the different websites and between the different pages and blogs within a website. . Robots will follow links to discover new pages.  As a user we recognize the link by its color or underline

When Google started, the company was called Backrub as its page rank algorithm ranked a web page based on how many back links it had. With this kind of history you can imagine that links are seen as important and not only by Google.

Incoming links for bloggers is seen as a marketing tool, like a email listing. A good link will give new readers. And from the 100 user there is normally one customer.

Swapping links with friends or buying links will give no additional traffic. Besides the fact that buying links is seen as spam behavior which can drop your blog in the ranking of the index. It is not seen as marketing to spend money for links and then get a lower ranking in the index. Lower ranking mean less traffic. Less traffic means less money.

Google Analytics

If Google want to get rid of spam they just uses the links which actually have traffic. With the tool Google Analytics, the indexing tool from Google can be easily feed. Although most websites already uses Google Analytics and this can be the last drop to implement Google Analytics for all other websites.

Google analytics gives the webmaster also the bounce factor which is used by Google index program.

Google Analytics is nowadays the tool if you take SEO serious. Of course you have different tools, but I don’t see why you, as a webmaster, want to use different algorithms then those of Google.

Google Analytics will give the user the traffic behavior of the users and besides the SEO part this tool is definitely important to understand the user. Understanding the user is the first step of creating a better user experience, thus UX. To my opinion a combination of SEO and UX is crucial to move on in 2014.

Of course the date is there as in Blogland the opinions about getting traffic varies during the last years

Links explained in numbers

A website is a bundle of pages. These pages are linking to each other in a way that the reader and search engine can understands how to navigate. Let say a certain web page  is according Google a high standard for a particular keyword. This web page gets from Google lets say 40 points to divide to their outgoing links from their web page.

For example this web page links 9 times to his own pages and one time to your page. Every link is 4 points worth for ranking on a certain keyword. Maybe your web page is a regular page and was ranked as 6 points for this keyword . After gaining 4 points it becomes 10 points worth and therefore deserves a better ranking.

If your web page also have 10 links then every link from your page is 1 point worth. Most of the points you want to keep in your own website. So most of the links will go to your own pages.

A lot of old websites uses still one page with outgoing links. In my view this is not really user friendly as a user wants the link on the spot where he or she is reading. Another point is that a search engine will understand the content better if a page is linked to a page with the same subject. From this point of view you will see some pages swapping links without loosing to many points or even gaining points.

Creating links to your blog

To create a link you have to leave the address from your blog on somebody’s else web page. If you can not leave this address, then consider not putting the effort. With a comment, blog, video the other party gains authority and therefore thrust. This will help that site to rank higher. In return a link to your page would be appropriate.

Links to your blog can be created by using comments section on other blogs.

A link can be created when you write a blog for a competitor.

Creative links via text under a video which is published on YouTube. Making your own video and use the text below that video.

Link your blog via friends using social media like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Links for blogger gives by another page because the subject is the same and your subject is really good.

Link your blog with videos

If you create a video for your readers, then you use this to explain some parts of the text. The content of the video will not be used as ranking. Most business will not host the video on their own website.

Hosting of a video means that you need a host package who can handle this. For every minute of video you will loose 10 MB of space on your host. Technical SEO for bloggers will require links and hosting your video on another companies domain like YouTube is a much better choice.

The YouTube video will give you directly a back link. The second reason is that YouTube is the second largest search engine. Using the description below your video will rank your video not only in YouTube but also in Google. Did you know that YouTube is owned by Google?

Link your blog using Social Media

According the webmaster videos of Matt every page on a social media will only give you a maximum of one link as they want to crawl these to much. So 1000 likes on one page of Facebook is effective because you are engaging people but this will lead to  one back link. How many point this link is worth is another question.

Other Medias are LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ .

Of course likes on Google+ should be counted by Google as separate links as Google can see directly where all the links are coming from. Although Google+ is promoted by Google and many search engine optimizers, still bloggers are more focused on likes on Facebook

Link your blog via great content

Although this seems a logical way, it is not so easy. For this the blog needs a outstanding content with a high user experience factor.

Nowadays there are not many SEO advisers who will advise a single outgoing link without letting the other party know that you published an outgoing link for them.

If there is a single outgoing link on a web page most of the time an “non follow” is connected to this. The “non follow ” will tell the robot not to follow the link. Google robot might or might not follow those links. Those links really gives a signal that other content is advised but that the webmaster is not willing to give up his position in indexing for this.

Conclusion on linking your blog:

Links for bloggers are important as it creates direct more traffic and a possible better ranking depending on the competitors and indexing algorithms. Better ranking also gives more traffic. If you liked this blog then consider reading SEO for Bloggers, the simple part

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