Setup a Blog in 6 Steps

palm tree with six leaves

Do you consider to start your own blog, then first you need a subject. If you are not sure, you can start writing in for example Word. Make some pages and see if you like it. At least you will already have some content for your blog as soon as you go online. After that you need only three more steps!

One: Your Own Domain Name

A platform like is very popular and lots of people have created a free account on this platform. You will receive a free domain name and some hosting space. Besides this positive free account, it is normally not recommended to thrust your blog to this free host. If the host likes to delete your blog, it has the right to do this for the simple reason that you are not the owner of your blog.

People sell from their own blog. People use a blog on their website to create authority and attract more customers. So the last thing that you want is that your blog or even shop is deleted because you don’t own it.

I just read an article that within ten years, people who now have a telephone and email address will also own a domain name. So why waste your time with other platforms and so-called free domain names.

Also the domain name is not an SEO issue anymore, the extension like .uk .nl .be .com is important. Google for example will see your .uk or .nl as a local site. If you want global visitors than the .com should be used. Of course if you just sell local the .uk or .nl is very good. Once you have choosen a domain name, you will probably stuck with it for some time.

Two: The Host for Your Domain Name

A host is just some space where you can create your blog. Any host will do. I would suggest a host which have there servers close to your customers.

If your customers are in the UK then find a host with servers there. In that case your data doesn’t have to travel oceans to arrive at the IPad, phone or desktop from your reader / customer.

Hosts will offer two types of packages: HTTP and HTTPS. At a certain point you might start selling e-books from your blog. You can choose for Paypal or credit cards. With credit cards, you will need a secure line which means a HTTPS ( S stands for secure ).

The second advantage is that Google sees HTTPS as a signal for the better content and thus maybe a better ranking.

Three: Your WordPress Program

I am specialized in (this is not the same as WordPress is a free program and super easy in use. In fact WordPress is the no. 1 choice for bloggers. It is not difficult to install and even when you have a problem, I have a service for installation. is a free program, has free themes and free plugins. A theme is how your site shows in the different browsers. It is your personal style. Whichever theme you choose, make sure it is RESPONSIVE.

As you might know, but 50 to 70% is using their mobile devices to wander over the web. If your blog is not responsive, people cannot read it. One of the search engines named Google will lower per 21 April the ranking of non-responsive sites in their mobile index.

The free plugins and can be found directly from the WordPress blog administration panel. There are some type of plugins like a security plugin or anti-spam plugin which should be activated or installed as soon as possible. There are also some other plugins which might be increasing the the ranking in the search engines index of your posts.

Four: Creation of a Picture

Ok, your blog is online or you start writing with some blogs in word. Besides the content, every blog needs or even start with a picture. As you can see at the top, this blog starts with a large header picture of roughly 740 x 400 pixels and around 50 kB. This type of blogs are very common. Pictures are important but also the most difficult part of your blog.

A picture should say more than a thousands words. Unfortunately, this is not easy to accomplices. And how many pictures should you add? In any case one at the top. If you have some more smaller pictures to spice up your text, then this should be good. But don’t put too many large pictures in between your text. This will distract your customer. At a certain point the reader doesn’t read any more and is just scrolling along your pictures.

A real picture nowadays almost doesn’t exist, so an editor program is one of the things you need. At least you should be able to downsize a picture and to crop a picture.

There are several different formats, but for this blog I just use a JPEG, ranked from low size to high:

  • Web-P not allowed by WordPress and thus not much used
  • JPEG for a simple picture
  • PNG for transparency pictures
  • GIF for animation

Five: Writing a Header Text and content

Readers attention is short.

So, the importance of this header text is as important as the picture. People write complete books on this subject. My advice is to copy the structure of the many headlines which you see online.

Two simple tactics:

  • 7 Habits which makes your Live Easier.
  • How I made a Fortune with this Simple Idea.

There are several more tactics which you can spot when you read other people headlines

Six: Make Your Blog Visible on Line

Finally you have blog written and you hope that readers will find it and read it. The best SEO for 2015 is to have great content. The content should be so good that people want to start sharing it. The best part of sharing is that other people don’t need to find it at Google, Bing or Yahoo. Lots of shares should be a signal for the search engines to rank your article higher, as from common sense people like articles which are shared the most. Other tactics are:

  • Understanding of SEO. Or use some plugins to improve your SEO
  • Add your blog links to Google plus and to Facebook
  • A video channel on YouTube can help to create links and attention
  • Blogging on other parties blog can help with some links, attention and building authorization
  • Adding comments at discussion groups or forums builds up authorization
  • Start with an email list, there are plugins for this
  • Use share buttons, with free plugins
  • Use a professional designed Theme People likes to share nice looking stuff