Do you want more online sales?

Do you need a
sales WEBSITE?

A website which has sales text inside. Online text which is appealing to your visitors and converts. 

I make marketing websites, including SEO & conversion text.

Meet & Greet is free… and solves several of your questions

HoW your website increases your sales

With SEO (search engine optimization) your website will attrack more visitors from the search engine. With the conversion text you will help your visitors to become clients.

SEO stands for Seach Engine Optimization. I will search the keywords for your pages and add them into your text. The visitor (and Google) will now understand your page topic better. They know if your page should be read or not. 

To write a SEO text is one. To write online conversion text is two.  Your text is written to answer the problem of your visitors. Write zout the result of there problem. Like getting more customers with a marketing website..

Photo’s are nice to have. They tell more about your product and they should fit into your design. Does your pictures tell the story? I help with finding or shooting the right pictures for your website.  

UX ( = user experience ) leads your visitors through your website. It makes the menu and the CTA buttons clear. Your visitor knows where to click. Your message on your website will more easy to find. 

Webdesign should put all your text and pictures in the right spot. The journey of your visitor on the webpage will become logical.  I start with a basic design and shape it to your website design.

Code will make your website a safe website. I use WordPress. This websites uses DIVI. With this theme you can do A/B testing if you like. WordPress has thousends of plugins to add the functionality which you want.

It is not, that I charge thousands of euros

If write your own text, I will not charge you for the SEO and sales text. Your new website can be delivered for only € 397,- ex. BTW.

To write online sales text you need skills and time. The marketing websites includes the sales text. The price of a sales website is € 985,- ex. BTW.

WHY Meij webdesign?

I will lead your website project myself.  I will discuss your company with you. We will discuss which solution you will be selling on internet. And we will find out together what the result of your solution is for the customer.

I uses this in my design and text. Text which can be found by Google and also converts online. 

If your budget is tight and you want to do some of the work yourself. This is fine for me too. 

The first meeting is just to say hello and drink a cup of tea. We discuss in half an hour if I can make what you want. The meeting is free of charge. By the way, I live in Delft. I prefer a lunchroom in Delft or at my place.

Meet & Greet is free….. and solves several of your questions

What cusomers say:

Meij Design & Survey is deskundig en professioneel met WordPress en SEO. En, heel belangrijk voor mijn bedrijf, een goed inlevingsvermogen voor de belangen van mijn potentiële cliënten zodat zij mijn acupunctuurpraktijk goed gaan vinden. Prettige samenwerking en snel resultaat.

drs. Renny Wiegerink

Excellent work! Very quick responses, very knowledgable, round the clock support!  We recommend Meij Design.

Victoria – marketing manager Xinaps B.V.

Goed werk geleverd! Snelle response bij vragen en aanpassingen. Aanrader voor iedere (startende) ondernemer! Een nieuwe tevreden klant van Meij Design.

John – marketing manager

Some pre-made webdesigns for start-ups

Pre-made webdesigns are cheap. Completely installed, photo’s and text adjusted. 

Are you a therapist and don’t have a website which attracks new customers? Tha’s a pity. Find here an example of a good layout

Do you want to start a flowershop and looking for a nice webdesign? Here is a great example for a website which will find new customers

Are you a consultant? This webdesign can be easily used for you to find new companies which need your advise. All in one

Do you want to start a lunch room? Starting with a basic website where customers can fill out the reservation form is a good start

Yes, I like to meet and greet

It takes only half an hour 

Marketing websites generates more leads and sales

Meet & Greet is free of charge